grace_park1Jason was certainly not your average twenty-six-year-old male. He had accomplished more in the world of business than most people twice his age. He enjoyed conquering in the boardroom, but his real passion was being sexually dominated by strangers. In fact, his appetite for it was insatiable. There was nothing like the feeling of surrendering total control over his body to someone that he did not even know personally. He simply could not get enough of it. That being said a man in his position needed to be completely discreet regarding his sexual endeavors. Jason was constantly worried that one of his sexual partners would sell him out. He feared that pictures of him being tied up and whipped would appear in the tabloids.

That would be the last thing he needed before the big company merger, in fact it could blow the entire deal. That is exactly why Jason decided to attend the opening of a completely exclusive, invite only sex club run by a Madame whose famous clients relied on her utmost discretion. Jason was not the only one that would be ruined if his sexual tastes were exposed for the world to see. The sex club was located in an antique mansion that was built by a turn of the century titan of industry. Ironically it has long been rumored that this gentleman held orgies there that lasted for days whenever his wife was out of town. Knowing the history of the place, Jason found that to be quite ironic, and comforting at the same time.

He knew that whatever happened at the Mansion stayed at the Mansion, so on the eve of the big event he headed there without a worry in the world. Upon arrival, the Madame personally greeted Jason. She was a drop dead gorgeous woman in her early to mid-forties. He could only imagine what the escorts would look like. She handed him a vodka and tonic, his favorite, and proceeded to bring Jason to a private room that contained a choice of half a dozen of the loveliest escorts he had ever laid eyes on. Each was dressed up as a dominatrix. One in particular, a beautiful red head that could have been a supermodel, stood out to him. She had a perfect face and body, and he knew in an instant that she was the one.

All of the other girls were dismissed and Jason was finally alone with Crystal. She proceeded to undress him, slowly, teasingly, in a manner that made him instantly hard. She grabbed his manhood and began to gently stroke it. All of a sudden Crystal ordered Jason to get on the bed and lay on his back. She proceeded to handcuff his hands and feet to the bedposts. Next she whipped him from head to toe, lightly at first increasing the intensity little by little. Jason loved the pain, but when she climbed on top of him and he entered her body he was in complete sexual ecstasy. She has the most beautiful woman he had ever been with, and the sex was the best he had ever had. This truly was an experience he would never forget, and Crystal would always be remembered as one of Jason’s greatest lovers.

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The Mansion: A Tale Of Sexual Fantasy

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